Pool Table Installations

Pool Table Installations in Fort Worth are 100% guaranteed

Pool Table Installations is what our expert pool table installers specialize in apart from moving and servicing. The majority of the time you’ll need to have your new pool table assembled and knowing the proper way to install it is key to enjoyable gameplay and durability of the table. A proper pool table installation is the first step in ensuring the integrity of the table, all else comes after.

Why should a pro be the only one to install your table?

SOLO pool table assembly

You want to make sure you get the table installed professionally and leveled out by an expert so the risk of any issues with the table afterward is brought to a minimum. Since we want to make sure our service quality is of the highest, we make sure to take extra care when assembling the table. This does not only cover us for any future issues with the table, but it also covers you, the customer. Since installing pool tables correctly is highly complex, it is a good idea to have a seasoned installer to take care of the job. Our pool table installers know what it takes to make sure all the pieces and parts come together perfectly and if there are any minor issues he can point them out and offer suggestions for any pieces or parts of the table that need fixing or replacing.

Our services also include the shuffleboard movers service with the same professional and experienced care that we provide on all our services.

Pool table setup process

Initially, we’ll make sure everything is there and the table will be assembled in the right spot. Pool table room sizes may vary depending on the size of the table. We’ll determine if the pool table room is ideal for your particular table before installing it. This is important when choosing where you want the table as it can determine maximum playability. The larger the room dimensions, the better. Once we’ve found the right place for assembly with you we’ll assemble the frame. The most intricate part in assembly is the leveling of the slates. You’ll normally see tables with 3 pieces of slate, each about 150 – 300 lbs depending on your table. Slates can be anywhere from half an inch to two inches in thickness.

The highest precision leveling tools are used to ensure the leveling of the slates. Then we shim the slates and use wedges to get the slate exactly leveled. In most cases, on a used pool table the frame will be a little out of place, due to those heavy slates sitting on them for years prior. Here the wedges and shims come in handy as they’ll elevate the slates so we can make sure all three are perfectly aligned and leveled. Once leveled we’ll take our bonding compound and apply it to the screws and bolt holes in the slates and within the creases between each slate. A good bonding of the slates ensures the smoothest of playing surfaces and should never come loose unless the table is moved, adjusted or tampered with in really any way.

Customer and table Security during Assembly

If someone goes out and works on your pool table, especially installing it, you want to make sure they know what they’re doing. That’s why our pool table installers are insured and their work is guaranteed by the American Billiards Installer Association. Check out our guarantee outline to see exactly what you’re covered on.

SOLO pool table installations

Installation prices

Pricing for assemblies normally differed depending on what kind of table you have. Heavier slates are more difficult to achieve leveling and we would want to know if we need to do a pool table recovering service on the table. Are the bumpers due for replacement? Maybe we need to move the table within the home to get it to the right spot for you. Stairs, distance and type of table play a big part in determining the price.

To get the most accurate installation price from our team we would like to know the specifics of the pool table so we know exactly what we’re dealing with and can come prepared.

We need to know:

  • How many slates the table has, typically 3, sometimes 1.
  • Are we installing new cloth on the table and rails? Do you have the cloth already?
  • Is it moving up or down any stairs or anywhere from where it is currently at?
  • The size of the table.
  • Are the pockets leather, plastic or is there an internal ball return system we’ll have to set as well?
Pool table installations

To get the most accurate installation or pool table repair price from our team we would like to know the specifics of the pool table so we know exactly what we’re dealing with. With the necessary information, getting you a quote is quick and easy over the phone. We can schedule your appointment as soon as the first call with all the necessary information. Pictures greatly help us out too!

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